Friday, September 28, 2018

How to Set up a Well-Yielding eBay Store

It sounds very easy to start selling on eBay and make big money. But there is a lot of hard work and dedication behind setting up a store on eBay and earn from it. If you are planning to start an eBay store and sell items from your house, or extend your local business on the world’s largest eCommerce platform, these tips can help you prepare perfectly-

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·         Earn Reputation- A good feedback score is vital for earning customers on eBay. Therefore, it is suggested that before starting selling items, you purchase a few items and pay for them promptly. This would give you considerable positive feedback and establish a good reputation in the eBay community.

·      Professional Listing- Buyers like to know that they are dealing with professional sellers. Therefore, you must keep your listing and information very formal. This means a well-thought, unique but formal username. Along with this, take appropriate time during eBay product upload. See what the customers search for when looking for a product and name it accordingly to increase search results ranking.

·      The next important part of a professional eBay store is accurate and authentic product descriptions. Don’t fill your product descriptions with adjectives and write in a simple language. Describe objectively the product’s size, uses, necessity and other features to answer all the questions that the buyers might have. Do not try to bluff about your product or lie to the customers. This will fetch bad feedback and reputation. Hiring expert eBay listing services can help mitigate this hurdle.

·         Prompt Customer Service- eBay is not just an online marketplace, it is a community. It is important to communicate with potential buyers and existing ones to keep up the good name. Respond to customer queries and issues promptly. Even if a query has no instant solution, let them know that they are your priority and their issue will be resolved as soon as possible.

·         Fair Pricing- This is no secret. Set competitive product prices if you want to stay in the competition. Do not overcharge for delivery. Instead, charge little or nothing for delivery and add the amount in the product price. It is advisable to lose a few bucks on shipping initially to earn customers. But, do not offer free shipping for large, fragile items.

Also, draw fair and sensible replacement and return policies for your products.

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